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Racist Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is a Racist

I enjoy getting news – local, national, international and even the off-beat – from a variety of different sources, and even from opposing views, to test my own objectivity so to speak. At least once per week, I get a Newt Gingrich newsletter delivering and discussing the “hard right” point of view of many political, economical, social and other topics. Despite differing ideologies and politics, I have always respected the former Speaker of the House, and oft even found myself in some level of agreement with him on many issues; but today went too far – today, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich revealed to the world his latent racism, blatant stupidity, and utter disregard for the ideals upon which this country was founded.

Gingrich Racism Exposed

So by now, you are surely asking, “What’s the big deal?” Sorry, I am only trying to be as brief as Newt in getting to a point …he was nearly 1130 words into newsletter before making his case; not a bad case, but the prelude and plethora of prejudice and racism leading up to his final 400 words had done its damage. The credibility, reliability, and sadly, the respectability faded with each misstated fact, misleading account and malicious spewing of speech.  The diatribe that attempted to introduce dialogue made any consensus, any compromise, and communal, or citizenry attempt impossible to reach. Beginning with the title, “No Mosque at Ground Zero” Gingrich goes on, and on, and on, with untruths, twisted facts, and apparently with a loss of his once statesman qualities.

Newt Goes Racist – It’s How He Rolls

After a clever eye-popping title, the racist Gingrich leads off lightly:

One of our biggest mistakes in the aftermath of 9/11 was naming our response to the attacks “the war on terror” instead of accurately identifying radical Islamists (and the underlying ideology of radical Islamism) as the target of our campaign.

Thank goodness he explained that radical part; he almost had me lost from the beginning. Wait a minute, does not the very word “radical” have a connotation of being away from the mainstream thinking?

With the “Gingrich effect”, the loosening of definitions like radical, it’s a good thing Obama was not in office when that dumb redneck blew up that building and those babies in Oklahoma City or I might have gotten a newsletter telling me to watch out ’cause that Muslim-loving president is a hunting we radical white, Christian men. Get real Newt! I know my example sucks, Mr. Gingrich, but so does your ability to draw a straight line between a some radicals, mostly from Saudi Arabia who crept through our borders from some Christian nation up north (sorry, Canada!) to all the whole populations of Muslim peoples.

Patriotism Can Never Equal Racism

I am a proud, Episcopalian, patriotic Christian man born and bred in the good ‘ole USA – but I do not subscribe that this is a Christian nation. It is a nation, born of the blood of man and women from many races, creeds, socioeconomically different, and yes, even of different, or no, religions,  to ensure that it would be the greatest nation upon Earth – because of her diversity, not in spite of it. We are a nation founded upon the ideals of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom from fear.

Another Election Cycle – Another Round of Fear Mongering

Politicians from all parties are guilty of fear mongering to some extent or another. Even in benign terms, seemingly typical statements can still be definitive of fear mongering. “If ‘so and so’ is elected ‘this and that’ will or will not happen. Sure, there are plenty of more malignant examples to be drawn upon, but let’s not give them an audience any more than necessary. However, Gingrich’s comments cannot, should not, and dare not be ignored, tolerated, or supported. Allowed? Yes, unfortunately; as Voltaire stated, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But heed it? Hell no!

Our Proud Heritage Needs Some Reality Checks

We are a nation of immigrants who exercised genocide against this land’s native peoples to form a nation where all could be free … well, besides that Mr. Lincoln, how did you like the play? Please, do not get me wrong, there is no greater place on Earth to live than right here in our great United States of America, and I am proud to have served her armed services protecting our liberties, but we are a long way from finger-pointing without even more being pointed back at ourselves. Let us embrace our differences, find common ground and leave the negative, racist propaganda to history where it should stay.

I will gladly defend your right to say what you want, Mr. Gingrich, to a point – we have no place in our society for intolerant, racist hate speech – some might call that “terroristic threatening” and you may find the Patriot Act shoved up …  Or have you not read the latest census? We’ are now the shrinking minority, Newt – might be time to start thinking more right, and less white.


7 Responses to Racist Newt Gingrich

  1. James Pence says:

    W.R. Mineo, you hit the nail right on the head-Kudos

  2. Alonzo Vaneaton says:

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  3. Maxima Dumeny says:

    Hey, I just love your write-ups! :) is it alright if I use some of the information from this post if I make a link back to your website?

  4. smithy says:

    Next time you try authoring a blog, try posting a few facts. Calling a person a racist is easy, and way overplayed these days. Grab a clue.

    • Rob Mineo says:

      You are welcome to read the former Speaker’s newsletter, re-read my article, and then, after you have something to constructively contribute and critique you can do so with some authority. I welcome the opportunity to learn something different, take a different perspective, or read an alternate view – explicate with examples or excuse and exit yourself.

      Safe Surfing!

  5. Ann Coulter says:

    Well written and very intuitive. I’m thankful you took the time to post this because it was extremely insightful and clearly demonstrates Gingrich’s continued bigotry.

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